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Three Poems on Poverty, Development and Globalisation

The following three poems, «Wait», «Progress», and «Can You Hear Them?» were written by Kai Frithjof Brand--Jacobsen



Wait.. ..and you will see what we have promised you
As your fields dry up
Your cattle dies
And when you have nothing left
And when your world is broken around you
Wait.. ..as your children grow hungry
As your family starves
And their cries, the cries of the forgotten, the disappeared, haunt you in your dreams
And when they take from you what you have worked for
And when the dreams of your future, and the memory of your past, grind into ashes.
Wait..as the life slips from your fingers
As your friends and family
Disappear into the wind
And when they remove you from your land
And you are left without a home
Wait.. ..as you see the earth suffering
The rivers run dry
The soil turning to desert
Wait.. ..as blood covers the land
The blood of the animals,
and people we have slaughtered
Wait.. ..until there is nothing left
Until everything has been taken from you
And everything is broken
Wait.. ..
Keep waiting.. ..
Just a little more.. ..
And if you begin to doubt.. ..
Don’t worry.
And modernity
Progress, will bring all that we have promised you.
Even if there is no one
left to enjoy it


Can you hear them?

Can you hear them?
Their voices
hoarse from crying out in the night,
their screams,
lost in confusion,
until their cries disappear
so that not even a whisper escapes them.
Can you see them?
Standing there
huddled together along the side of the road
in groups, alone
standing or lying
where the earth shall meet them
as a home, and a grave
with no marker to remember them by.
Can you see them, with your eyes?
Can you see the pain and torture,
and suffering
which slowly strips them of all they have
until nothing
is all that remains.
And can you feel the blood
flowing through their veins?
like the rivers which once crossed the land
until they too run dry
so that there is nothing left
not even blood
to flow through their bodies.
Can you see the countless millions,
the billions
who inhabit the earth?
Who have lived, and sung and danced,
in thousands of languages
and thousands of voices.
Can you feel their happiness?
their joy
their love
Or their pain,
As all this is taken from them.
Look, hear, feel.
And do not ever forget,
as you go to your offices, your schools and universities
as you drive your cars to and from work and home
that this is the world you have asked for
the world you created
And are forcing upon us.
Where you have taken from us our voices
our songs
our dances
All so that we can work, and learn, and live
Like you do.
Even though we have never asked for it.
Even though we have never tried
to be who you are
But rather live, and love, and celebrate our differences.
And, instead of this, you would have us eliminate difference.
And forget that it ever was.
All to be one, the same
Without choice.
Is this the freedom, the democracy you preach?
Can you not hear us?
Can you not see?



Progress ?
When in a year we use the same amount of resources that it took the earth a million years to create.
When a few decades from now, we may have destroyed what it took the earth 3000 million years to create.
When soil is eroded, forests burned, and rivers polluted.
When we produce more food, while more people starve.
When « wealth » increases, while more people are made poor.
When children, young people, adults, the old, grow up lost and afraid. Unable to speak to each other, unable to dream.

What progress?

So that the capitalists can grow wealthy?
So that those in the north can have one more car?
One more television set?
Or do our rulers wish for one more palace or mansion?
Is this why we must die?
Why you take our lives?
And as cities grow,
and the earth disappears;
As machines become ever more productive, and technology goes, where no one has gone before,
Yet we starve,
dying of hunger
of diseases you have long since forgotten
or cured.
For yourselves that is.

Is this progress?

Do you really expects us to believe that.
I am sorry.
We cannot believe.
For your progress,
Is our death.

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