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Kieu Chinh : Star of "The Joy Luck Club" and humanitarian activist

Exclusive Representation by Greater Talent Network

Kieu Chinh’s story has never been more timely or inspiring. A native of war-torn Vietnam, she overcame the loss of most of her family to become the biggest female star in Indochina... only to lose everything again with the fall of Saigon. Never beaten, however, she came to America to once again rebuild her life, and has since gone from refugee to film star, with featured roles ranging from TV’s M*A*S*H (where she played the Korean woman Hawkeye falls in love with) to her triumphal portrayal in The Joy Luck Club (where she starred as one of four Chinese mothers with American-born daughters and harrowing pasts).

In addition to her film success, Chinh is co-chairperson, with Terry Anderson, of the Vietnam Memorial Association, a non-profit agency dedicated to building schools in the most damaged areas of Vietnam. She was named “Refugee of the Year” by the U.S. Congress in 1990, received the “Warrior Woman Award” from the Asian Pacific Women's Network, and was the only Vietnamese person invited to speak at the 10th anniversary ceremonies for the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington. In 1996 she was honored by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for Kieu Chinh: A Journey Home, an Emmy Award-winning documentary by Fox Television.

Bringing her story to life on a tour presented exclusively by GTN, Chinh offers an unforgettable tale of survival, women’s empowerment and Asian-American awareness. With life imitating art all too closely, her story is ultimately more heart-wrenching than many of the roles she has played, and even more life-affirming.

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